SLJ Digital specializes in web development, web applications, e-commerce, web design, and custom programming. Our focus is to deliver flexible website solutions using advanced Internet technologies to meet the needs of our clients. The internet has become the platform of choice for delivering specialized services. It offers you the unique opportunity to provide your customers with a valuable service in a manner that supports your brand attributes.

SLJ Digital helps you select the cloud solutions that are best for your organization by working with the industry’s best vendors and products. We look beyond the features and functions to assess vendors and underlying technologies. Our primary concern understands how each product will benefit your organization.

Web Design Services

Cloud computing and mobile first are the keywords everyone is hearing in the modern mature internet age.

We at SLJ Digital Media believe that communication with customers is the most important thing and how do we communicate with customers mostly through websites and email.

Your website gives the first impression to your potential customers. The site needs to portray the image your company wants to give to clients and needs to be easily found on Google.

All websites designed by SLJ Digital Media are SEO friendly and reliable.

Another important factor with any business is a reliable email system. Don't waste your time with junk email providers let us set you up with a professional looking domain name presentable email on Googles G Suite or Microsofts Office 365 platform eliminate downtime and spam with a great low-cost reliable email experience.

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Advertising Services

We at SLJ Digital Media provide a host of different marketing and advertising choices to suit your business needs.

We help you find the solutions that is right for your business and help you execute an advertising plan to grow your business in the most cost-effective way.

In many cases, you may already have a website, Facebook or YouTube Page. You have started using digital adverting to help your company growth. We can look over what you are doing and make sure you are using these channels to the fullest.

The best advertising requires proper planning and execution. Let us help you start or improve your advertising strategy.

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Media Creation Services

We at SLJ Digital Media provide a host of different services to help your business professionals, content marketers, and small business strive in there market.

We help produce Podcasts, YouTube Videos, and Great Blogs.

We believe you should not be spending your time trying to be a media expert. That’s what we do.

The best media requires planning, human appeal, and expertise to stand out.

We partner with brands and professionals to produce content that build trust with their customers, establish their authority, market their services, and engage their audiences.

Podcasting Services

Video Blogging Services

Blogging Services


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SLJ Digital Media supplies technology and lifestyle content in the form of both Audio Podcast and Website Blogs.

The Technology Geek Website covers Technology news and reviews for consumers and tech enthusiasts on a daily basis via multiple blog posts on any given day.

The Technology Geek Podcast provides an Audio Podcast of the week's technology news in review pointing out the news and the possible effect on the tech industry.

The Brandon Radio Podcast covers more of a range of stories covering news, comedy, entertainment, and lifestyle which covers a more broad audience.

SLJ Digital Media provides services for those that would be looking to start their own podcasts and websites. Whether you want to start podcasting or blogging to expand your brand or just want to start doing it for fun we can help.


The Technology Geek is a website providing daily insights on tech industry news. The site covers companies and product news from Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other key industry players. The site is generally directed at consumer technology.


The Technology Geek

We talk about computers, the internet, smartphones, gadgets, wearables, and everything tech.

Time To Talk Tech

Brandon Radio Podcast

We talk about news, life, TV, movies and have guests from time to time.

I Talk About Anything On My Mind