Open-source software is something very near and dear to me. When you look at how much of the internet is built on Open-Source it is truly amazing. So many products are built on top of Open-Source online and many people do not even know about it. I have been involved with so many Open-Source projects over the years and I have learned so much from all of them.

Thanks to the efforts of many developers worldwide, open-source has a huge community exchanging, improving, and helping the world of software for the better.

Perhaps that is sometimes difficult for some to understand I have heard people all the time say “Why do you work for free?” The truth is open-source can be a thankless job at times but with any open-source project you are working towards a goal. Open-source projects are great because you are given the chance to get involved as part of the project. You get to work and learn at the same time from great people and improve your skillset for free. Many of these open-source projects you use every day and don’t even know it.

Don’t forget to thank your developer 😉

Open-source donations

Some of the projects that I already donated to keep improving their great work and some of them I have worked on. I donate with my money or my time.

Twitter alternative

Linux Distro of Choice

Internet Browser of Choice

Secure Messaging System

Password Manager