This is a multipart documentary or docuseries about the history of technology and the companies that shaped the technology industry.

Part 1 –  is about Apple and Steve Jobs. The personal computer is a big part of the technology revolution. Many people do not realize Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy at one point and was entertaining selling to another company.

Part 2 – is about Microsoft. We talk about one of the most dominant companies in the technology industry in the 90s. We talk about the two founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates. We get into Microsoft’s successes and their flops. Microsoft is a company like Apple that had its great years then a downtime then a resurgence with a new CEO.

Part 3 – Part 3 is about Google (Alphabet). We talk about a company that their name is the noun for search. People do not “search” for it they say they “Google” it. We talk about the two founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. We get into Google’s best acquisitions and their success stories. We get into how Google is the only player against Apple in the smartphone market and are the only player against Microsoft Office with Google Workspace. We look at the history of Google Maps and some of Google’s flops.